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    Welcome to Cobham United Church

     A church whose vision is to be a presence in the community, a place where we can share your  concerns in a prayerful manner and a way that encourages fellowship. 

      The Methodist Church    United Reformed Church 

    Our minister is Rev. Kim Plumpton.  Contact minister@cobhamurc.org.uk
    38, Stoke Road Cobham KT11 3BD     

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    Sunday Service 24th May


    Anniversary Service 24th May

    Posted by Cobham United Church on Saturday, 23 May 2020


    Songs for today 


    Come on and celebrate

    His gift of love we will celebrate

    The Son of God who loved us

    And gave us life

    We'll shout Your praise O King

    You give us joy nothing else can bring

    We'll give to you our offering

    In celebration praise


    Come on and celebrate celebrate

    Celebrate and sing

    Celebrate and sing to the King

    Come on and celebrate celebrate

    Celebrate and sing

    Celebrate and sing to the King



    Christ from whom all blessings flow

    Perfecting the saints below

    Hear us who thy nature share

    Who thy mystic body are


    Join us in one spirit join

    Let us still receive of thine

    Still for more on thee we call

    Thou who fillest all in all


    Closer knit to thee our head

    Nourished lord by thee and fed

    Let us daily growth receive

    More in Jesus Christ believe


    Never from thy service move

    Needful to each other prove

    Use the grace on each bestowed

    Tempered by the art of God


    Love like death has all destroyed

    Rendered all divisions void

    Names and sects and parties fall

    Thou O Christ art all in all



    Re-dedication prayer

    Almighty God, you placed within the hearts of those who loved you

    A desire to build this church.

    We come together today to celebrate such vision


    And to rededicate this church and ourselves

    For the purposes of mission and ministry for your kingdom and the

    community here in Cobham.

    As we look to the future:


    For the worship of God in praise and prayer

    For the preaching of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ

    For the celebrations of the sacraments of his grace

    We dedicate our lives to your service.


    For the giving of comfort to those who mourn

    Of strength to those who are tempted

    For the offer of love and mercy to the broken and forlorn

    Of healing for the suffering and ailing

    Of light to those who seek the way

    We dedicate our lives to your service.


    For the support of family life

    For the teaching and guiding of all

    For the upbuilding of those we encounter

    We dedicate our lives to your service.


    For the sharing of God’s grace

    For the spread of the spirit of love

    For the extension of the realm of God

    For your created world to flourish

    We dedicate our lives to your service.


    Continue to empower us with your Spirit, O Lord,

    that we might proclaim your Gospel to all people.

    We rededicate our gifts, our energies, and ourselves

    Fill us with a new vision, equip and

    enable us to reach beyond tomorrow

    Fill us with a new excitement and thirst for the journey ahead.




    Let love be real in giving and receiving

    With-out the need to manage and to own

    A haven free from posting and pretending

    Where every weakness may be safely known

    Give me Your hand along the desert pathway

    Give me Your love wherever we may go

    As God loves us so let us love each other

    With no demands just open hands and space to grow


    Let love be real not grasping or confining

    That strange embrace that holds yet sets us free

    That helps us face the risk of truly living

    And makes us brave to be what we might be

    Give me Your strength

    When all my words are weakness

    Give me Your love in spite of all You know


    Let love be real with no manipulation

    No secret wish to harness or control

    Let us accept each other's incompleteness

    And share the joy of learning to be whole

    Give me Your hope

    Through dreams and disappointments

    Give me Your trust when all my failings show



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