On Monday 19 July 2021 aka ‘Freedom Day’, England lifted many of its remaining Covid restrictions, along with a note to remain cautious of its implications. With this in mind, Morning Worship on Zoom has now ceased until further notice. We have returned to meet in person for Morning Worship. We are will spaces out and wear face covering, we can also sing which is much enjoyed. 

Our main Sunday service is at 10.30 a.m. with Communion on the second Sunday of each month. All ages begin together before children head for their own groups half way through. The Big Sunday School called 'Seekers'. We are fairly informal, no robes and things, and we use . Mission Praise, as well as the Church hymn book, "Rejoice and Sing".

After morning service there is a chance to meet one another over coffee to share what God has been doing etc . Donations are invited to support a charity, which is often local and changes regularly. On the first Sunday each month,  we have a short 15 minute Early Bird service at 9 a.m. followed by a continental breakfast.