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You and your child



 Baptism or blessing?

A new addition to the family is always exciting and many parents, even though not religious in a formal sense, want to mark it in some way.

You may not feel able to make promises which you can't keep but you do want to thank God for the gift of your child and tell God and the world that you want to surround the child with love and goodness.  In which case we can offer a service of thanksgiving and blessing. we offer this service also to Committed Christian parents who believe that baptism should properly follow commitment to Christ.

Later, as you find faith, you can return with the children and have them baptised, you can bring them along with you to regular worship, enrol them in Junior church, take part in all our activities, before they are baptised. You can even wait, as many Christians do these days, until the child finds faith and comes for Believer's Baptism. 

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