Prayer and study


  •      None of us can afford to leave things to chance, or stay at the Sunday School Level of spirituality though we must have a childlike approach to faith, as Jesus said. He also told us to call God "Abba" which means "Daddy" and indicates the closeness of the relationship.


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So, as a church we encourage people in prayer and study. We are following 'Light for Our Path' and the themes will be the topic for further discussion in Home Groups. 

We have been involved with Alpha, Christianity Explored, the Y Course & Saints for healing.

We also run a Marrage Course occasionally. 

Each Wednesday morning at 09.30 our minister holds a prayer meeting at the manse.

    We also encourage people into Home Groups,  of which there are now two.

Two times a month there is a meeting called Mustard Seed please contact us for the next meeting.

Ecumenical Lent groups take place locally.  Please Contact us for further information.

We have a Prayer Chain whereby prayer needs are communicated to a confidential group of members who promise to pray daily. Use the "Contact us" page if you have a prayer concern.